We are investors in the next generation of smart enterprise.

Mistral is a seed stage venture capital firm and typically the first institutional investor in our companies. We have offices in Ottawa and Palo Alto. While our primary geographic focus is eastern Canada, we are open to opportunities throughout North America.

We Believe

in transparency. We’re direct and honest with founders at every opportunity, and we look for founding teams that also embody these traits.

We Believe

in experience. We leverage both our investment team and our executive fellows to provide invaluable mentorship as well as connections.

We Believe

in simplicity. The most compelling and valuable ideas are those that solve important problems in an elegant and easily understood way.

We’re serious about our work and are selective about the investments we make. We consider ourselves partners first and investors second. So, when we invest, we roll up our sleeves and work hard to become a valuable and trusted partner.

We know that many of the decisions made early on will have a disproportionate influence on the arc of success. As a result, when we see potential, we tend to lean in to ensure a solid foundation for growth. We are typically the first institutional investor in our companies and are happy to lead an investment-round or join another firm we trust in filling out a round. In either scenario, our goal is to help position our companies for the next stage of fundraising by helping them grow from early traction to predictable growth. We focus on enterprise solutions leveraging current technology stacks like Software Defined Networking (SDN), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain, driven by innovative models like SaaS or online marketplaces. Our core thesis is that the promise of the Internet of 20 years ago is the reality of today. We look for investments that leverage the power of the Internet to make businesses smarter–more efficient and more profitable.

Mistral is a Canadian seed and early stage venture capital firm with additional offices on the west coast of the United States. We are open to investments across North America. Our team is made up of experienced operators whose backgrounds mirror the founders that we partner with–we are hungry overachievers with a strong desire to win.