We believe that success in business is directly correlated to the caliber of the people on the team. With this in mind, we created a group we called Mistral Executive Fellows.

Kevin Haaland

VP, IBM Watson


Kevin Haaland is a proven leader with over 20 years of leadership experience. He is results oriented with a track record of leading agile teams from concept though to delivery and adoption of software solutions.He has significant experience as a development leader in multi-national, globally distributed organizations as well as emerging startups.

Kevin has lead teams responsible for the Eclipse open source platform, IBM Cognos business intelligence teams and was the director responsible for the creation and launch of IBM Watson Analytics, a SAAS offering which delivered breakthrough innovations as a data discovery tool and predictive analytics solution.Kevin is an internationally recognized software professional, having received the ACM Software System award in 2011.

Kevin is among a very select group of software professionals who have been recognized for the lasting impact of their work